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7 Chakra Sage Bundle large bundle 7 inch

7 Chakra Sage Bundle large bundle 7 inch

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Our 7 Chakras White Sage (7 inch bundle) balances the mind while meditating, aids in balancing your chakras, and cleanses your being and space of negative energy. It’s always good to Sage a new home , a heavily trafficked area, or any part of your body that is being stressed. The rose and white Sage compliments each other bringing on a balanced but cleansed feel to your home. The aroma of white Sage and the 7 chakra rose petals are invigorating with a warm hint of sharpness. 


Safe smudging awareness: always smudge your bundle in a heat resistant bowl to catch the ashes and ensure containment. Check out our abalone shells which are great for holding your smudge sticks while burning. 

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